e’ve all been there, blocked drains overflowing into your home are no fun at all. They smell terrible, can damage your belongings and your property, and are a sign of your plumbing needing some TLC. But how can you avoid blocked drains and ensure your home or property plumbing is in great shape?

Here are some great tips to help you avoid the awful blocked drain at your property once and for all.


It can be a challenge keeping your home maintained and free from plumbing issues, however, by focusing on some preventative plumbing measures, you can save yourself some big bucks and possibly a big clean-up bill if you get blocked drains.

1. Dispose of your kitchen waste correctly

We can all be lazy at times and put things down the sink that should be disposed of in other ways, so when you are cleaning up or throwing out cooking products such as oil or grease you should consider that this needs to be disposed of correctly and not down a drain.

Grease and oil can coat the inside of the drain and build-up to clog the drain and cause serious issues in the long term. While it might be quick and easy to pour something down a drain or a toilet to get it ‘out of sight out of mind’, consider the environmental and plumbing outcomes and dispose of it correctly to avoid long term issues with your drains.

2. Use strainers over your drains

this is a simple and easy way to keep the big items or materials that can cause blockages out of your drains, such as hair and food particles.

We all know it is practically impossible to catch everything going into your drains, however, adding some sink strainers can help to only let water pass through the sink, saving you from the build-up of clogged drains due to kitchen or bathroom waste.

If you have ever cleared out a drain in a bathroom or shower, you would probably be aware that the one main culprit of blockages in bathrooms and wet areas is hair. Adding a strainer can remove this issue quickly and easily and allow your drains to be practically hair-free.

3. Think before you flush

If you have children in the house, you might have baby wipes or a range of things that could be flushed down the toilet by accident. Consider that unless it is waste or toilet paper, anything else flushed down your toilet could cause issues to your plumbing and cause a serious blockage down the track.

When items don’t break down, they can block your plumbing and cause some serious implications such as blocked drains and even flooding if the blockage is a big one. Consider what you flush down the toilet and be mindful that toilets are only designed for human waste and toilet paper.


If you have an issue with a blocked drain, the quickest way to see if you can get the problem sorted is by using a basic plunger to clear the sink or toilet. If the plunger doesn’t clear the blockage, it is time to call in a plumbing expert to help with the issue and get your plumbing back to normal as soon as possible.

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