LPG Gas Installation: All You Need To Know

LPG Gas Installation: All You Need To Know

Nearly one million Australian households use Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) for heating and cooking in their homes, and seven million use it for barbecues and outdoor heating. It has been used for decades as a suitable fuel for homes and it has many advantages. 

If you are looking to find out more about LPG gas and how you can install it into your home, we’ve got all the information you’ll need.

What is liquefied petroleum gas and who uses it?

LPG is a gas commonly used in Australian homes around the country. Its purpose is to provide fuel for cooking on stoves or heating the home. Some businesses use Liquefied Petroleum Gas (in a slightly different form). It’s a popular fuel choice for homes located in rural areas in Australia or areas not connected to a natural gas network.

What is LPG made of and where it is sourced from? 

As well as propane, LPG is made up of — a mixture of flammable hydrocarbon gases, but in Australia, Liquefied Petroleum Gas only contains propane It is sourced from fossil fuels in oil wells. It is manufactured by processing natural gases.

How is LPG beneficial to your home? 

Using LPG has various benefits when compared to various other energy sources. As we’ve mentioned, if you live in a rural area and can’t access a natural gas network, LPG is the ideal choice. Some of the other benefits of LPG include:

  • It’s friendly to the environment.
  • It’s a reliable energy source.
  • It’s an economical option that heats your home efficiently.

Why equipping your home with LPG fittings is best left to the experts? 

Installing LPG gas fittings can be risky. They are separate from the actual bottles of LPG gas and come with a range of other parts, such as pipes and gas valves that can be precarious to deal with. 

This is one reason why installing LPG fittings is always left to the experts. But, going a step further, in addition to the risk involved with equipping LPG fittings to your home, it is vital that a trained expert deals with the entire process because they will ensure that it conforms to Australian state regulations.

How to find out if your LPG gas fitter is qualified?

There are a couple of key ways to tell if your LPG gas fitter is experienced and qualified. First of all, take a look at how much experience your LPG gas fitter has. Plumbing experts are the ideal choice as they have the expertise and specific training required to carry out the job efficiently. Be aware that gas fitters don’t have the same qualifications as a plumber, and visa versa – unless of course, they’ve done training as both. So do your research.

You can also find a qualified LPG gas fitter by requesting to see their licence. It’s a requirement in Australia to use a licensed gas plumber or fitter for any tasks that include gas. What you’re looking for when you see the licence are specific details regarding which state your gas plumber received the licence. They must be licensed in the state where the works are being carried out.

Which tasks can licensed gas plumbers carry out? 

As well as repairing and maintaining gas appliances, licensed gas plumbers can also:

  • Make adjustments to the pressure of the gas.
  • Install equipment that detects gas leaks.
  • Install gas meters.

3 things you can do to prepare for installation  

Licenced professional gas plumbers are vital when it comes to installing LPG gas, but if you want to do some research first, here are a few things to get the process started:

  • Select the type of LPG electrical equipment you wish to use (eg. a heater or a cooker).
  • Choose which type of LPG gas supplier you would prefer.
  • Make your choice when it comes to your licensed gas plumber.

Summing up 

LPG gas is popular for many reasons. If you’re looking for options to help you install it in your home, remember:

  • You can take steps to help the gas fitting process, such as selecting your LPG gas supplier.
  • Remember to choose a licenced gas plumber.
  • Verify that they in fact have a valid licence and that their work conforms to state regulations.

And, if you’re looking for a professional gas plumber, get in touch today. Our experts are fully licensed and will deliver a professional service every time. Contact us today!

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